Why Is My Automatic Date and Time Wrong?

Go to the Settings of the mobile. Scroll down the display, and find the options Date and Time under the tag of System. Go to that option. Here, you can see that the Automatic Timezone option is enabled.

How do I turn off auto date and time on iPhone?

You should be able to change the date and time on your device by going to Settings > General > Date & Time. With Set Automatically turned off you can manually choose the date and time.

Why is my iPhone showing the wrong time?

Open the “Settings” app and go to “General”, then to “Date & Time” Toggle the switch for “Set Automatically” to the ON position (if this is already set ON, turn it OFF for about 15 seconds, then toggle it back ON to refresh) Be sure the Time Zone setting is set properly for your region.

Does iPhone time change automatically?

Most of them use the iPhone settings to have the time zone set to automatically. So, whenever you are travelling or when daylight savings time approaches, you would want your device to update the date and time automatically.