What Is the Name of Fe2O3?

Iron(III) oxide

What is the correct name for CoBr2?

Cobalt bromide

What is the formula for titanium III phosphate?


What is the name for Fe2 CrO4 3?

Iron(III) Chromate

What is the name of B2H4?

diboron tetrahydride

What is the chemical name for CO?

Carbon monoxide

What is the name of mgcl2?

Magnesium dichloride

What is C2Br6?

C2Br6. dicarbon hexabromide. 4) Cr(CO3)3. chromium (VI) carbonate.

What is the chemical formula for oxygen difluoride?


Is OF2 tetrahedral?

OF2 has a bent shape and a tetrahedral electron geometry.

What type of bond is oxygen difluoride?

covalent bonds

Is oxygen difluoride polar or nonpolar?

Oxygen difluoride, OF2 , is a polar molecule because it has a bent molecular geometry. This molecular geometry ensures that the dipole moments associated with the oxygen – fluoride bonds do not cancel each other out to produce a nonpolar molecule.

How many lone pairs are in oxygen difluoride?

two lone pairs

Is PF3 polar?

PF3 is a polar molecule. Phosphorus and fluorine have different electronegativity and the PF3 molecule also contains a lone pair. As a result, the shape of the molecule is trigonal pyramidal and it ensures a non zero dipole moment making the PF3 a polar molecule.

Is glucose positive or negative charged?

Glucose dissolves in water because polar water molecules attach to the glucose molecules. When a glucose molecule (centre) is placed into water the negatively charged oxygen ions (red) attract and surround the positively charged O-H (hydroxyl- ) groups in glucose, forming hydrogen bonds (white).

Is glucose more polar than water?

Like the other replies have said, glucose is a polar molecule due to all the OH groups it possesses. These moieties will form hydrogen bonds with water, which in general are favorable interactions. A system composed of glucose dissolved in water possesses a higher entropy than a solid cube of glucose in liquid water.

Why does glucose dissolve easily in water?

Glucose is small (6 carbons) and dissolves easily in water because it has a number of polar OH groups attached to its carbons. To these cells, glucose is fuel and raw material for making other biological molecules.

Why does cellulose not dissolve in water?

Because of its high molecular weight and crystalline structure, cellulose is insoluble in water and has a poor ability to absorb water. Human beings lack the enzyme cellulase and are therefore unable to break cellulose down to individual glucose molecules.

Do animals transport carbohydrates in their blood?

Do animals transport carbohydrates in their blood? Do plants transport carbohydrates around their body? Yes, but instead of glucose they store starch. They store carbohydrates as starch.

Is cellulose found in animal cells?

Although animal cells do not have cell wall, cellulose is also found in some of the animal species.

Do animals store carbohydrates in their cells?

Animals do not store starch. Instead, they store carbohydrates in the form of the polysaccharide glycogen. However, only small quantities of glycogen can be stored. It is mostly stored in the cells in the liver and the muscles.