What Is the Meaning of Industry?

An industry is a group of manufacturers or businesses that produce a particular kind of goods or services. Industry comes from the Latin industria, which means “diligence, hard work,” and the word is still used with that meaning.

What is the adjective of industry?

adjective. of, pertaining to, of the nature of, or resulting from industry: industrial production; industrial waste. having many and highly developed industries: an industrial nation. engaged in an industry or industries: industrial workers.

What is the adverb of industry?

Word family (noun) industrialist industrialism industrialization industry (adjective) industrial industrialized industrious (verb) industrialize (adverb) industrially industriously.

What are the top 10 industries in the world?

The 10 Global Biggest Industries by Revenue

Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers. $4,384,3B.

Global Pension Funds. $3,564,4B.

Global Commercial Real Estate. $3,167,8B.

Global Car & Automobile Sales. $3,138,5B.

Global Car & Automobile Manufacturing. $2,689,0B.

Global Direct General Insurance Carriers.

Global Commercial Banks.

Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production.

What are the main industries in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan’s most productive heavy industries have been extraction of natural gas and oil; oil refining; mining and mineral processing; machine building, especially equipment for cotton cultivation and the textile industry; coal mining; and the ferrous metallurgy, chemical, and electrical power industries.

What industries will be disrupted?

Here are five industries destined for technological disruption.

Healthcare. If you think everything is fine in the healthcare space, you probably haven’t been to the doctor recently or looked at your medical bills.


Real estate.

State and local government.

Finance and insurance.

What industry will be gone in 15 years?

Indeed, telemarketing is the industry most likely to be obliterated by robots, with a 99% chance that the job will be totally automated within 15 years, according to a study on The Future of Employment by Oxford University.

Which industries are the least digital?

Construction stands out as industry that is amongst the least digitized — second only to agriculture and hunting.

Which industry is ripe for disruption?

Fashion and retail. From a design and trends perspective, fashion and retail are always ripe for disturbance and from a sales perspective, this is very much the case too. Online retail is an over-crowded space and the race to have the best usability for customers is on.

What are the most fragmented industries?

Industries with Highest Market Fragmentation

Rank Industry 1 Shoe Repair 2 Mobile Food Services & Street Vendors 3 Drive-In Movie Theaters 4 Services for the Elderly & Persons with Disabilities

What industries has technology changed?

Several industries are getting significant boosts from ever-changing technology….The amount and speed of tech that powers them have forced them to evolve, in some cases abandoning long-standing business models.









What is industry disruption?

Defining disruption It is defined as “a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors.”

What is another word for disruption?

What is another word for disruption?

disturbance upset interruption break division interference dislocation disarrangement disarranging disordering

What are the latest disruptive technologies?

Here are eleven examples of the most disruptive technologies at the time of writing:

Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Things (IoT) Space Colonisation. 3D Printing. Medical Innovations. High-Speed Travel. Robotics. Blockchain Technology.

What are the 4 things that causes business disruption?

Most Common Business Disruption Examples

Adverse Weather. Over the last few years, several major weather conditions have made national news.

Information Technology or Telecommunications Outage.

Transport Network Disruption.

Earthquake or Tsunami.

Loss of Talent and Skills.

What is low end disruption?

Low-end disruption refers to businesses that come in at the bottom of the market and serve customers in a way that is “good enough.” These are generally the lower profit markets for the incumbent and thus, when these new businesses enter, the incumbents move further “upstream.” In other words, they put their focus on …

What are disruptors?

Disruptors are companies that have the potential to change or entirely displace existing companies and industries. These can entail innovative technologies or operations that are more efficient or make obsolete the old way of doing business—cloud computing, mobile payments, and autonomous driving to name a few.

What is digital disruption example?

A few examples of digital disruption include: The subscription economy business model, as used by companies like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, caused a disruption within the media and entertainment industries by changing how content is accessed by customers and monetized by advertisers.

What does Digital disruption mean?

Digital disruption is an effect that changes the fundamental expectations and behaviors in a culture, market, industry or process that is caused by, or expressed through, digital capabilities, channels or assets.

Is Netflix a disruptive technology?

Netflix is a classic example of disruptive innovation that used a new business model and technology to disrupt an existing market.