What Is the Meaning of Adra?

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What does Josefina mean in Spanish?

Spanish Baby Names Meaning: In Spanish Baby Names the meaning of the name Josefina is: God shall add. Feminine of Joseph.

What does Josephina mean?

Josephina as a girl’s name has Hebrew origins, and the meaning of Josephina is “Jehovah increases”.

What are nicknames for Jocelyn?

Popular Nicknames for Jocelyn









What does Jocelyn mean in French?

The different meanings of the name Jocelyn are: French meaning: Tribal name of the Gauts. Latin meaning: Light Hearted.

What does the name Jocelyn mean for a girl?

The name Jocelyn is a girl’s name of German origin meaning “member of the Gauts tribe”.

Is absent mindedness genetic?

Are you a forgetful person? You might be able to blame your genes, a new study in the journal Neuroscience Letters suggests. Researchers from the University of Bonn have identified a variant on the DRD2 gene that seems to be associated with increased forgetfulness.

What is absent minded?

1a : lost in thought and unaware of one’s surroundings or actions : preoccupied was too absentminded to notice what time it was. b : tending to forget or fail to notice things : given to absence of mind (see absence sense 3) Her absentminded husband forgot their anniversary.