What Is the English Name of Tambis?

Watery Rose Apple

What is Macopa fruit in English?

This tropical fruit I am referring to is commonly known as macopa (makopa) in the Philippines. In English, it means wax apple. Do you know that the scientific name of macopa is Syzygium samarangense.

What is the color of makopa?

The fruit is bell shaped but the name macopa is from the Spanish word copa which means a goblet or wine glass. If you look at the fruit upside down it resembles a cup. The fruit has light fibers and one seed inside. The color is varied from light green to pink and red to dark maroon coloration.

How do you eat makopa?

The pink and bright red bells are so attractive and the trees produce so much fruit but, alas, there are so few takers. The best way to eat makopas is chilled, with a sprinkling of salt. Watch out for worms, though, as you reach the core. Or, make them into salads as some creative housewives have.

What is the meaning of makopa?


Is Rose apple good for health?

Rose apple is highly rich in nutrients like protein, fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. Its bark contains an alkaloid compound Jambosine, which has therapeutic properties against diabetes. Organic compounds like betulinic acid and friedelolactone are also present in it.

Can we eat water apple?

Water apples are widely grown and consumed worldwide today and are also processed in the form of fresh juices, jams, pickles and salads.

What is wax apple good for?

1. Rich in Vitamin C: These fruits are said to be rich in Vitamin C, which is important for boosting immunity and formation of collagen for keeping the skin looking young. A 100 gram portion of wax apple contains 22.3 micrograms of Vitamin C (as per USDA data).

What is Jambu fruit in English?

Safed jamun is better known by a plethora of English names including wax apple, love apple, java apple, Semarang rose-apple and wax jambu. It is also known as bell fruit because of its bell-like shape, and water apple.

Is Jambu good for health?

Jamuns are low on calories, which makes them the perfect healthy snack. They also aid digestion and promote natural bowel movement. Jamun juice has bioactive phytochemicals that minimise the risk of liver disease and cancer. They are also known to be effective in treatment of diabetes.

Is Java apple good for dogs?

The seeds, core, and stem of an apple contains cyanide, so it’s important to remove all of these from the fruit before giving it to your dog. Once you’ve done this, it is safe for your dog to start munching away.

What does Jambu fruit taste like?

Description/Taste White Jambu fruits are crisp with a watery, mild consistency and have a light, sweet flavor reminiscent of pears, cinnamon, and rosewater.

What is a Jambu Tree?

Jambu fruit (​Syzygium cumini​, also ​Syzygium jambolanum​ or ​Eugenia cumini​) goes by many common names, including Java plum, jambolan and Indian blackberry. Although rare in cultivation outside the tropics, plants are sometimes grown as ornamental or fruiting trees in warmer climates where frosts are rare.

Is Jambu Guava?

Jambu Cincalo is botanically classified as Syzygium aqueum, and belongs to the Myrtaceae family which also includes guavas.

Can I drink water after eating jamun?

Avoid or refrain from having water after eating fruits because it hinders the absorption and digestion process in the stomach leading to acidity. This is why some people experience uneasiness after consuming fruit. It is recommended that you have water at least an hour after you eat fruits.

Is Mango bad for liver?

So especially if you are overweight or have fatty liver disease then be careful to consume mangos in moderation, as they contain fructose which may be harmful to your health.