What Is CP Top War?

CP is your Combat Power, it is a measure of the strength of your army and heroes. As you merge your troops their individual CP will be higher, but you will have fewer of them, so even strengthening your army may send your CP down.

What is vit in top war?

VIT is the name given to the energy that you use for on map battles in Top War Battle Game. You have a set amount of it, then it get’s used up as you participate in battles on the map. Then it is replenished over time, but you can also get more energy in a few other ways, here’s how.

What are the best heroes in top war?

The best Air Force heroes in Top War

Rockfield (SSR)

Lady Zizak (SSR)

Tian Mu (SSR)

Dante (SSR)

Hartman (SSR)

Arthur Harris (SSR)

How do you win at Top of war?

Top War: Battle Game Guide: Tips to remember

Upgrade your buildings. Engage in battle with enemy alliances. Use your items saved in the Inventory. Complete the Quests and earn rewards. Boost up your Hero Level. Use appropriate combination of troops. Join A Clan and fight together. Keep expanding your camp & capture new areas.

How do you get VIP points in top war?

The easiest way to get free VIP points is to spend any gift card that you have for the App Store or the Google Play Store, use the free cash on in-app purchases for Top War: Battle Game, then enjoy the VIP benefits that you gain from them.

How do I join an alliance top war?

Joining an alliance is super simple, just tap the hands icon at the bottom right of the screen, this will then give you a list of alliances you can join.

How do you get a nameplate in combat elite?

You can get this item by killing a monster. This is an example when I kill this monster, I get “Combat Elite Nameplate”, okay, that’s all the information I can give if you want to ask, feel free to comment Don’t forget to “Like” and “Subscribe”, Thanks .

How do I get to the tax center in top war?

The tax center is a crucial part of your base. You can collect taxes based on the number of gold mines you have built. The best tax rate in the game is 100%. You can achieve this by having 20 of your player level mines on the base.