What Is Commiserate?

: to feel or express sympathy : condole commiserates with them on their loss. transitive verb. : to feel or express sorrow or compassion for. Other Words from commiserate Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about commiserate.

Can you commiserate?

(intransitive) To offer condolences jointly with; express sympathy with. (intransitive, as the phrasal verb commiserate with) To sympathize; condole.

What’s another word for commiserate?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for commiserate, like: sympathize, empathize, pity, condole, fraternise, share sorrow, yearn, console, ache, compassionate and feel.

How do you use the word commiserate in a sentence?

Commiserate sentence example She wanted to commiserate with the horse’s assistant, who seemed as awkward in his role as Jessi felt in hers. Your older child will feel even more grown up when he can commiserate with you.

How do you spell commiserate?

verb (used with object), com·mis·er·at·ed, com·mis·er·at·ing. to feel or express sorrow or sympathy for; empathize with; pity.

How do you use commiserate?

Commiserate in a Sentence 🔉

Until you have walked in his shoes, you cannot commiserate with him. As a mother, I commiserate strongly with the woman whose child was kidnapped. While he wanted to commiserate with the man on death row, he simply could not do it.

What does enjoin mean?

Enjoin is the verb form of injunction. A court enjoins something when it issues an injunction against it. courts. criminal procedure.

What does Energise mean?

verb (used with object), en·er·gized, en·er·giz·ing. to give energy to; rouse into activity: to energize the spirit with brave words. to supply electrical current to or store electrical energy in.

Is it energize or Energise?

As verbs the difference between energise and energize is that energise is while energize is to invigorate, to make energetic.

Is energized a feeling?

to make someone feel energetic or eager: I felt very energized after my holiday.6 dagen geleden

What does enlighten mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to furnish knowledge to : instruct enlightened us about the problem. b : to give spiritual insight to. 2 archaic : illuminate.

What is an enlightened person like?

The enlightened person is happy and joyful. He has a cheerful disposition most of the time, and is willing to share that joy with others. He is always optimistic that all challenges have a resolution. Even though the resolution may not be the most desirable, he is confident that he is capable of being at peace with it.

What do you call someone who is enlightened?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for enlightened. civilized, educated, enhanced.

How do you become enlightened?

Although becoming enlightened may not be an easy task, you can move a little closer to enlightenment every day. You can become enlightened by being in the present moment, expanding your understanding of life and the world around you, and meditating to expand your awareness.

How do you know if you are spiritually connected to someone?

A spiritual connection can be defined by its honesty. Unlike how you are with other people, you cannot be inauthentic with a kindred spirit because you both seem to know each other inside out. Aside from being comfortable in your own skin, both of you are completely open and honest with each other.

Can you lose enlightenment?

Can you lose enlightenment? There is no “you” to “have” enlightenment in the first place. The “you” is simply an object within consciousness that has been mistakenly identified as a subject. That “you” is not real, therefore it cannot ever become enlightened.

Why is enlightenment so difficult?

So here is a simple truth: Enlightenment is difficult only because we are not willing to let go of the way we currently express consciousness. Yet to those who have attained enlightenment, it is the most natural way of being. Some enlightened beings express genuine wonder why would anybody choose to live any other way.

What happens when you reach enlightenment?

In Buddhism, enlightenment (called bodhi in Indian Buddhism, or satori in Zen Buddhism) is when a Buddhist finds the truth about life and stops being reborn because they have reached Nirvana. Once you get to Nirvana you are not born again into samsara (which is suffering).

What is the final stage of enlightenment?

The four stages of enlightenment in Early Buddhism and Theravada are four progressive stages culminating in full enlightenment as an Arahant (SN 22.122). These four stages are Sotāpanna, Sakadāgāmi, Anāgāmi, and Arahant.