What Is a Tumblr Banner?

A Tumblr Header Image, or Banner, is the main top-of-page image of a Tumblr blog. The Header Image serves as a way to welcome a visitor to a blog and is independent of any posts.

What is a DNI banner?

The point of a DNI banner is to allow you to go through the notes on your own posts without running across triggering content. If someone reblogs one of your posts to a blog that’s all about x topic that triggers you, block them, put that on your banner, do whatever you gotta do.

How do you make your header on Tumblr a GIF?

Header or Background

Access the Themes section of your Tumblr profile. Click the “Update” button on the Header or Background option in the Appearance section. If you choose Header, the GIF will appear as the header on your page. Background tiles the image as your background. Click the “Save” button.

How do you add a GIF to your Tumblr theme?

Sidebar Section

Click the gear icon on your Tumblr Dashboard (see Resources) to access the Settings screen, and then select the name of the blog you want to update. Scroll to the Theme section. Click the “Upload” button, locate the GIF file on your computer, and then click the “Open” button.

How do you add a picture to HTML on Tumblr?

How to add a gif/picture to your description

Step 1) Have URL of the gif/picture you want on your sidebar ready. Step 2) Go to your description and paste this code: Step 3) Go back to your tab (or wherever you have the URL to your gif or photo) and copy the link. Step 4) Adjust the width of your image to whatever fits your sidebar best.

How do I put a picture in my description on Tumblr?

Press “Ctrl-F” and type “block:Description” (without quotes) in your browser’s search box to locate the code corresponding to the description of your page. Press “Save” to save your preferences and add your image to the Tumblr description box.

How do you put pictures side by side on Tumblr?

From the web interface click on the “+ Create” button at the top of the screen and select Collage. Pick the two photos you want side-by-side and click Done. A new photo will be created that has the two selected photos side-by-side.

How do you customize your Tumblr?

How To Change Tumblr Themes

Step 1: Click on the Account icon on the top-right corner. Step 2: Select Edit Appearance. Step 3: Then click on Edit Theme button. Step 4: Click on Browse Themes. Step 5: Find a theme you like from the directory.

How do you decorate your Tumblr?

Navigate to tumblr.com/themes. Click “Preview” to view a full screen preview of a Tumblr theme. Click “Install” to apply the Tumblr theme to your blog. Click the “Choose Blog” drop-down menu and select the Tumblr blog you want to customize. Click “Install Theme” to apply the theme to your blog.

How do I turn on endless scrolling on Tumblr?

Sign in to your Tumblr account (link in Resources) and click the “Settings” button on your dashboard. Select “Dashboard” from the right column to display options related to the appearance of your Tumblr dashboard. Click the toggle button next to the Enable Endless Scrolling option to activate this feature.

Does Tumblr use HTML?

When using Tumblr, you basically have your own website. But the way Tumblr structures their theme-creation is unique to Tumblr: it’s not like building a normal website. Sure, it requires basic HTML and CSS. But it also uses a bunch of special variables and blocks that are special to Tumblr.

How do I create my own theme?

To create a theme, follow these steps:

Open the Theme dropdown menu near the top of the right side of the Theme Editor. Click Create New Theme. In the New Theme dialog, enter a name for the new theme. In the Parent theme name list, click on the parent from which the theme inherits initial resources.

What is a Tumblr theme?

A Tumblr theme, therefore, is a preset graphics package for Tumblr blogs specifically, to change their appearance to the preferences of the user. These themes are utilized to change the appearance of many or all aspects of a webpage (read: the short-form blog on Tumblr) at the same time. This includes: The colors.

How do you organize Tumblr posts?

Log in to your Tumblr account. Click on the name of your Tumblr blog next to the editing tools at the top of the page. Find the first post you want to rearrange and select “Edit.” Locate the date currently associated with the post in the “Date” box. Click “Save Changes.”

Does Tumblr use CSS?

Don’t worry. Tumblr has a Custom CSS field that allows you to add snippets of code to help you with this. CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) is a language used to define the style, colors, and layout of your site. Every theme has it’s own CSS styling and Tumblr also offers the ability to add Custom CSS.