What Happened to Daniel Shaw in Chuck?

The episode ends with the apparition of Shaw from his nightmares telling Chuck he is still alive, before proceeding to strangle him. In “Chuck Versus the Living Dead”, Shaw is revealed to be alive, and downloads the Ring’s Intersect prior to the end of the episode.

Does Chuck and Sarah have a baby?

Emma is finally introduced in “Chuck Versus the Baby” when it is revealed Sarah deliberately cut herself off from her mother to keep her, and the child Sarah gave into her care, safe.

Did Chuck and Sarah end up together?

She and Chuck did reconcile their feelings for each other, as she admits she fell for him before the climax of the Season 1 pilot. However, Sarah agrees to move in with Chuck at the end of the episode, so that they can have something “to fall back on after [their] spy life is over.”

Does Devon die on Chuck?

“Chuck Versus the Angel of Death” ends with Devon treating the dictator’s assassin, who comes at him with a syringe. His fate is unknown until the next episode, when it is shown that he was in fact captured by the Ring who mistook him for a CIA spy and sought to recruit him.

Does Ellie ever find out about Chuck?

In “Chuck Versus the Subway”, late in season 3, she learns that Chuck is a spy. In the season 4 opener “Chuck Versus the Anniversary” it is revealed Ellie and Devon are expecting a baby.

Does Bryce die in Chuck?

Bryce is mortally wounded in “Chuck Versus the Ring” and asks Chuck to destroy the Intersect for him before dying from his injury.

Does Blair marry Chuck?

Yes, Blair marries the love of her life in Chuck, and had a baby by the time Gossip Girl concluded, and that is not all. The show briefly gifts us Leighton Meester’s character being the boss that she always dreamed of being, professionally.

Do Nate and Jenny end up together?

The game eventually ends up with Jenny and Nate as the final players and in order to win, Jenny kisses him. When Nate confronts her about the kiss, she says she used it as a distraction only but watches jealously as he and Serena later leave the party together (Inglourious Bassterds).

Does Nate betray Chuck?

Unlike the girls, Chuck and Nate have very little drama or moments of serious betrayal. With a few exceptions, they never purposefully betray or hurt each other and instead are known for being unconditionally supportive of one another.

Did Nate and Blair sleep together?

Serena goes to see Blair, angry that she never said anything about having sex with Nate. After Blair blows Chuck off, he sends a tip to Gossip Girl that Blair slept with them both. When Nate finds out, he’s convinced it’s a lie until Jenny, having overheard Serena tell Dan, confirms the information.

Did Lily really burn the microfilm?

So William and Ivy were in cahoots; Serena and Blair finally buried the hatchet (which was the one good part of the episode); Rufus and Lily reconciled, kinda; and Lily decided to trust Bart over Chuck, tossing the prized microfilm into the fire and sending all of Chuck’s dreams of payback up in literal smoke.

Does Blair cheat on Nate?

10 Nate Did To Blair: Got Together With Serena If there’s one thing that caused most of the drama between Blair and Nate, it’s the fact that Nate got together with Serena. Not only did Nate cheat on Blair, but he cheated on Blair with her best friend. It doesn’t get much worse than that.