What Does U & C Mean?

practice of usual and customary

What does U&C mean in pharmacy?

Usual and customary

What is the national average drug acquisition cost?

The National Average Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC) is the approximate invoice price pharmacies pay for medications in the United States. This applies to chain and independent pharmacies but not mail order and specialty pharmacies. Rebates pharmacies may receive after paying an invoice are not included.

How do you calculate average manufacturing cost?

It is defined as the manufacturer’s unit sales to all purchasers (with certain exceptions) in a calendar quarter divided by the total number of units sold by the manufacturer during that same quarter, net any price concessions (such as volume, prompt pay, and cash discounts), free goods contingent on purchase …

What is ASP in retail?

The average selling price (ASP) is a term that refers to the price that a good or service is sold for. The average selling price can be used as a benchmark in a few different ways.

How is Nadac calculated?

The NADAC rate, defined by drug grouping, drug category, and pharmacy type is calculated as the average of the per unit cost observations. The NADAC is a simple average of the drug acquisition costs submitted by retail community pharmacies.

How is Mac pricing determined?

MAC prices are driven by factors inherent in marketplace competition, including how long the drug has been generic, how many manufacturers are making generic versions, how widely available the generic drug is accessible for purchase, and whether there have been problems in manufacturing (such as access to basic …

What is a generic effective rate?

Generic Effective Rate (GER): A New Type of Post-Sale Clawback by PBMs. GER is a contractual rate set forth by PBMs for the reimbursement on generic claims. The scope and extent of generic claims are dictated by the contract language and can be different from the widely accepted definition of generic claims.

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How is AWP determined?

The drug manufacturer may report the AWP to the individual publisher of drug pricing data, such as MediSpan or First Data Bank. The AWP may also be calculated by the publisher based upon a mark-up specified by the manufacturer that is applied to the wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) or direct price (DIRP).

What is the average markup on prescription drugs?

On average, pharmacies paid $13.21 per pill in the second quarter of 2019, but PBMs charged $119.21 per pill, a difference of $106 per pill, or an 802% mark up. That amounted to an average mark up of $3,340.51 per prescription for the PBMs.

What is sub WAC pricing?

This concept is often referred to as blended pricing. This approach may be used when making decisions about which products to purchase such as formulary decisions or generic interchanges. Example of calculating blended pricing for a single NDC: Price: 340B = $1; GPO = $2; sub-WAC = $2.

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