What Are the Easiest Classes to Take in College?

5 Easiest College Classes

Physical Education. In high school, you might have dreaded PE, but don’t worry: college PE doesn’t resemble that stuff of your nightmares in the least.

Music Appreciation. If you appreciate music, well, this is the class for you!

Personal Finance.

Introductory Psychology.

Film Studies.

Do homeschoolers have to take FSA?

Q: Is my homeschooled child required to take the FSA? A: No.

Is homeschool legal in all 50 states?

Although homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, the path to educating your children at home is vastly different depending largely on the state in which you live. Each state has its own laws, guidelines, and regulations.

Is Flvs homeschool?

FLVS Homeschool We provide Kindergarten-12th grade homeschool students a variety of flexible options, offering choices in course schedule and pace. If you’re choosing to fully homeschool online, please check all the requirements on the Florida Department of Education website.

What is a proctored test in Flvs?

Included in FLVS policies is the administration of proctored exams. Proctored exams can be requested by FLVS at any time and for any reason in an effort to ensure academic integrity. It is the student’s responsibility to work cooperatively with FLVS faculty to schedule and take the exam.

How can you avoid making any academic integrity violations?

How to Avoid Academic Dishonesty

Read the syllabus carefully. Always assume that you are expected to complete assignments independently unless your instructors indicate otherwise. Don’t wait until the night before to begin an assignment. Don’t share your assignments with others. Keep track of sources and learn how to cite properly.

What does it mean when it says contact instructor on Flvs?

CI (Contact Instructor) – Student’s course access has been temporarily disabled until student contacts teacher by phone. This status occurs when student does not reply to course request message. FLVS subsequently removes the course request. Student will need to re-register.

How much does a Flvs teacher make?

What is the pay schedule for Full-time? Full-time 12 months Instructors are compensated $57,000 at the point of hire, paid in biweekly installments. Full-time 10 months Instructors are compensated $47,500 at the point of hire, paid in biweekly installments.

What is a welcome call Flvs?

welcome call for FLVS is either a phone call, video call or verbal speaking with your assigned course teacher.