What Are Tags in Flickr?

Add, delete, or prevent tags of people in Flickr photos. You can tag photos to describe who’s in them, making it possible to search for pictures of specific people. Only people with permission or who are tagged in a photo can see the image. All photos you’re tagged in appear on your About page.

How does Flickr explore work?

Every day, the “Explore” page is updated with the most popular photos on Flickr based on how many people view the photo, comment on the photo, or mark it as a “fave.” Photographers always want to get on the Explore page so their photos will be recognized by more people.

How do you add tags to Flickr?

Make it succinct but engaging. And while Flickr frowns upon actively using Flickr to advertise and promote your business through their site, you can post a link to your small business on your profile. There is no reason to show customers or potential customers a poor and amateur shot of your products.