Is Popularity Based on Looks?

Basically, other than physical appearance, popularity is based on the following factors: Makeup— people who are always able to have a full face of impeccable makeup are usually popular. … Athletics is a general boost of popularity. Social Status— if you’re rich, the probability of being popular is higher.

Why is popularity so important?

Popularity attracts imitators – people act like you so they can be liked by you, and liked by others by acting like you. Popularity breeds insincerity – you may often fake being nice to people, and people may often fake being nice to you. … Most important, popularity and friendship are not the same.

How does popularity affect school?

School Popularity May Affect Future Happiness Interestingly, anxiety, depression, and social anxiety were more prevalent in the “popular” high school students than in the high school students with fewer, deeper friendships.

Is popularity important in life?

Popularity is very important to a LOT of people. Everyone is trying to be popular, you just have to look around you. Someone is trying to be popular for his looks on instagram. … Some people can’t handle popularity at all.