Is 2x the Same as 2 Times X?

2x is shorthand for “2 times x” or “2 multiplied by X” or “X doubled”. Only if X is 2 or 0 are the two answers equal.

What is a multiplied by 2?

When a number is multiplied by 2, the answer is twice or double the number. 👉 To double means to add a number to itself. Here’s an example: There are 2 groups of butterflies.

How do you factor 3x 2 75?

1 Answer

(3⋅x2)−(3⋅25)⇒ x2−y2=(x+y)(x−y) 3(x+5)(x−5)

Is 3x squared a polynomial?

Yes, this is a polynomial, but a special form of a polynomial with just one term which is called a monomial ….

What do you call an algebraic expression with two terms only?

3. Binomial: An algebraic expression which consists of two non-zero terms is called a binomial. Examples of binomials: m + n is a binomial in two variables m and n. a2 + 2b is a binomial in two variables a and b.

How many terms does a Trinomial have?

three terms

Is 4x 3 a Monomial?

A monomial is an expression with a single term. It is a real number, a variable, or the product of real numbers and variables. For example, 4, 3×2, and 15xy3 are all monomials, but 4×2 + x, (3 + y)2, and 12 – z are not monomials. 4×3 +3y + 3×2 has three terms, -12zy has 1 term, and 15 – x2 has two terms.

Is 5x 3 a Monomial?

Step-by-step explanation: A monomial refers to an expression that involves one term, like 5xy. Monomials include variables, numbers, and whole numbers whose multiplication takes place together. Any number, all by itself, can be a monomial, like the number 5 or the number 2,700….

Is j3k a Monomial?

y Yes; single variables are monomials. 5. j3k Yes; this is the product of two variables.

Can a fraction be a Monomial?

Identifying a Monomial It cannot have a fractional or negative exponent. These are not monomials: 45x+3, 10 – 2a, or 67a – 19b + c. Two rules about monomials are: A monomial multiplied by a monomial is also a monomial.

What is the definition of Monomial?

1 : a mathematical expression consisting of a single term. 2 : a taxonomic name consisting of a single word or term.

Why Monomial is a polynomial?

A polynomial is the sum of n monomials, for some whole number n . So monomials, binomials and trinomials are all special cases of polynomials. The degree of a monomial is the sum of the exponents of all its variables. The degree of a polynomial is the term of the polynomial that has the highest degree.