How Much Does a 204B Make at USPS?

A 204b is an employee that is in a higher level status as an acting Supervisor Customer Services level EAS-17. The pay range is approximately $44,000 to $75,000 a year, and the step is determined by years of service of the employee.

What is a 204B USPS?

A 204b is a non-promoted supervisor. A 204b is a temporary probationary supervisor. They carry the same authority and responsibilities of a full supervisor but with a different pay rate and the option to return to their craft if they choose not to make a career out of supervising.

Can a 204B issue discipline?

A 204B can do all the things a supervisor can do, including issue discipline. This will render the discipline fatally flawed.

How much do USPS supervisors make?

National Average

Annual Salary Hourly Wage Top Earners $67,500 $32 75th Percentile $49,500 $24 Average $43,815 $21 25th Percentile $30,500 $15

How many years do you need to retire from post office?

10 years

Why is USPS not profitable?

Welcome to the Postal Service! Remember, the USPS does NOT receive and revenue from the American taxpayer, their only source of revenue is for products and services! And the list goes on: They cannot add a fuel surcharge to pricing (as FedEx and UPS can) to maintain profit levels.

Did USPS lose 89 billion dollars?

The U.S. Postal Service lost $8.8 billion in fiscal 2019, more than doubling its losses from the previous year. A precipitous decrease in mail usage continued to wreak havoc on the Postal Service’s finances, with overall volume dropping by 3.8 billion pieces.

Why is the USPS in the red?

The fundamental problem is that while the USPS generates enough revenue to cover its operating costs, its pension and retiree health care liabilities push its bottom line into the red. For the 2019 fiscal year, it lost $8.8 billion on $71.1 billion of operating revenue.

Is USPS in financial trouble?

Why The U.S. Post Office Is In Trouble – 678,539 Employees And A $9.2 Billion Loss In 2020. A snowy day for the mail. A General Accountability Office (GAO) report found that USPS lost $69 billion over the previous 11 fiscal years—including $3.9 billion in fiscal year 2018.

Are postal workers federal employees?

As a postal worker, you must follow federal rules, and you receive federal benefits. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t consider postal workers federal employees because the postal service is a quasi-federal agency.

Is USPS privately owned?

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is a large business enterprise operated by the federal government. It has more than 600,000 employees and more than $70 billion in annual revenues.

Is it illegal to videotape inside a post office?

For those unaware, first amendment auditors typically film law enforcement or government buildings to judge the response of officers in regards to the presence of a camera. However, filming inside of a post office DOES require permission from the United States Postal Service … unless for personal use.

Why the USPS should not be privatized?

The ability to get your mail simply should not be a function of how much you make or where you live. Privatization would also disregard the hardworking women and men who make the mail system go. Their jobs, benefits, and the service equity they provide will all be endangered.

Who is in charge of USPS?

United States Postmaster General Incumbent Louis DeJoy since June 16, 2020 United States Postal Service Style Postmaster General Status Chief executive

Why are post office workers so rude?

The customers often task the patience of the postal employees tasked to help them. They can’t be fired – One of the open secrets of the USPS is that you really have to screw badly to be terminated. Being snide or rude to customers doesn’t qualify for this, so many postal employees can act in any number of manners.

Who oversees the post office?

As the governing body of the Postal Service, the 11-member Board of Governors has responsibilities comparable to the board of directors of a publicly held corporation. The Board includes nine Governors appointed by the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Can the president fire the postal board of governors?

The members of the USPS Board of Governors have but one central responsibility: “represent[ing] the public interest.” Members may be removed by the President “only for cause.” The board members’ refusal to oppose the worst destruction ever inflicted on the Postal Service was a betrayal of their duties and …

What does the USPS Board of Governors do?

No person may serve more than two terms as a governor. The Board directs the exercise of the powers of the Postal Service, directs and controls its expenditures, reviews its practices, conducts long-range planning, approves officer compensation and sets policies on all postal matters.

Why does USPS charge for change of address?

There is a $1.05 charge to change your address online. You will need a credit or debit card and a valid email address. The $1.05 charge to your card is an identity verification fee to prevent fraud and make sure you’re the one making the change. Warning: You don’t need to pay a separate company to change your address.

Will the post office forward my stimulus check?

The real question is, will USPS forward government checks? Not always. The IRS warns not all post offices will forward government checks — even if you filed a change-of-address.

Is it illegal to keep a package accidentally delivered to you?

If a company makes a mistake and sends an extra item you didn’t order, you have an ethical obligation to return it, but legally, you don’t have to send it back. It’s yours to keep.

What do I do if mail is wrongly delivered?

Return Mail To Sender: Mail Delivered to The Wrong Address

Step One: Put It Back In Your Mailbox. As soon as you notice that the address is wrong, put the mail piece back inside your mailbox. Step Two: Alternatively, Hand It To Your Mail Carrier. Step Three: Do Not Write On The Envelope or Parcel.

Can I throw away mail not addressed to me?

Yes. It is a federal crime to open or destroy mail that is not intended for you. The law provides that you can not “destroy, hide, open, or embezzle” mail that is not addressed to you. If you intentionally open or destroy someone else’s mail, you are committing obstruction of correspondence, which is a felony.

What do I do if my package isn’t yours USPS?

If the mailpiece is delivered to the correct location but the recipient on the mailpiece does not reside at the address:

Write “Not at this address” on mailpiece. Don’t erase or mark over the address. Provide the mailpiece to your mailperson or drop into a Collection Box receptacle.

What do I do if USPS says my package wasn’t delivered?

Please wait another business day, as the package could have been marked as delivered by mistake, and will arrive the following day. Contact your local USPS post office. Make sure you contact your LOCAL post office, and not the USPS hotline. Your local post office will be able to provide quicker, and better service.