How Do You Use Indisposed in a Sentence?

Examples of indisposed

We are informed that he has been indisposed for the last few days. I feel very indisposed to limit in any way the discretion which those bodies now enjoy. She would have wished to be here today to make her own contribution, but she is indisposed.

What does otherwise indisposed mean?

(ɪndɪspoʊzd ) adjective [usu v-link ADJ] If you say that someone is indisposed, you mean that they are not available because they are ill, or for a reason that you do not want to reveal.

What spirited means?

full of energy, animation, or courage

How do you become a spirited person?

Focus instead on the world around you, and on living in the present moment.

Live for now. Let go of the past. Let go of being right. Let go of bad relationships. Let go of the self. Let go of titles and stature. Get out of your comfort zone. You’ll never be a free-spirited person until you let go of your fears.

What is high spirited person?

high-spirited adjective (PERSON) A high-spirited person is energetic and happy and likes doing exciting and enjoyable things. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Feeling pleasure and happiness..

Whats Does enthusiastic mean?

If you are enthusiastic about something, you show how much you like or enjoy it by the way that you behave and talk. Tom was very enthusiastic about the place. Synonyms: keen, earnest, spirited, committed More Synonyms of enthusiastic. enthusiastically (ɪnθuziæstɪkli ) adverb.

Who is an enthusiastic person?

Being enthusiastic means showing interest in the things that you do and getting pleasure from them. It means having an active and motivated attitude instead of a passive one. Enthusiasm means having a good attitude and getting satisfaction from getting things done and pursuing your dreams.

Is enthusiasm a feeling?

You have to find your passion in order to feel enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is one of the most divine feelings we can experience. Enthusiasm is energy vibrating at the highest level, energy vibrating in tune with creation. The word « Enthusiasm » has its roots in the Greek language; it literally means « the God within ».

How is enthusiasm a strength?

Those who demonstrate zest and enthusiasm bring energy and a level of intensity to individual and group work. Enthusiasm is a strength that has strong connotations with both physical and mental vitality and well-being. It can be fortified through diet, exercise, mindset, and social connection.

Is being enthusiastic a skill?

This is a skill that every manager or employer loves to see in his employees. It has tremendous benefits for the individual who possesses this skill and the organization that has such members or employees. Some random benefits of enthusiasm are: The enthusiastic person is not easily demotivated by temporal crisis.

How do you practice enthusiasm?

14 Ways to Harness the Power of Enthusiasm

Follow your bliss. Think of the things that you want to attain. Have a plan. Get out of victim-mode. Surround yourself with people who are enthusiastic and optimistic. Stimulate yourself into a state of high enthusiasm. Ask questions. Develop the right attitude.

How do you show enthusiasm?

6 Ways to Show Enthusiasm in an Interview

Boost your energy level. If you’re a quiet, introverted person, you don’t have to pretend you’re outgoing and “bubbly”. Ask a lot of questions. When something sounds interesting, say so. Compliment them. Perfect your posture. Finish strong!

What is an example of enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is defined as a lively interest for someone or something. An example of enthusiasm is a child’s great happiness at starting his first ceramics class. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. Intensity of feeling; excited interest or eagerness.

How do you express enthusiasm in writing?

The adjectives amazing, awesome, fantastic, incredible and unbelievable are known as extreme adjectives and express your enthusiasm. Used at the right moment, these adjectives add special emphasis and are used to show enthusiasm and joy. Be careful not to use these too often as they lose their impact when overused.

How do you get your enthusiasm back?

Lack of Motivation? Here’s How to Bring Back your Enthusiasm.

Write down new goals. Even if your career is progressing well, you should always have something to aim for. Have a setback plan. Just as easy as it is to set goals, you can find yourself getting knocked back. Challenge yourself. Give yourself a positive narrative. Reward yourself.

What to do when you’ve lost your passion?

Self-care and balance are essential elements in pursuing anything that you love. So if your passion is currently causing you to feel burnt out, tired, or stressed, don’t be afraid to give it some space. Don’t feel afraid to take a few steps back, breathe, and focus on something else for a little bit.

How can I become more motivated?

Ways to stay motivated

Regularly review your goals and progress. Continue to set new goals. Keep the momentum up. Find mentors – a mentor is someone who is experienced in the habit you want to change. Surround yourself with positive people. Use exercise as one of your daily goals to improve your mental health.

How do I fix low motivation?

What advice would you give to someone lacking in motivation?