How Do You Use Admittedly?

You use admittedly when you are saying something which weakens the importance or force of your statement. It’s only a theory, admittedly, but the pieces fit together.

What does admittedly mean?

as has been or must be admitted

What is the verb form of Admittedly?


What is another word for Admittedly?

What is another word for admittedly?

actually avowedly certainly forsooth frankly honestly indeed really truly truthfully

How do you spell Admittedly?

Correct spelling for the English word “admittedly” is [ɐdmˈɪtɪdlɪ], [ɐdmˈɪtɪdlɪ], [ɐ_d_m_ˈɪ_t_ɪ_d_l_ɪ] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for ADMITTEDLY

self-admittedly, admittance, outmodedly, admitted, admittable, admittible.

How do you use the word inasmuch in a sentence?

Inasmuch as is defined as since, because or to the extent that. An example of inasmuch as used as a conjunction is in the sentence, “He plans to solve all of the math problems, inasmuch as he can within the time period,” which means that he plans to solve all of the math problems in the time given.

What does the word inasmuch mean?

1 : in the degree that : insofar as. 2 : in view of the fact that : since.

Why is inasmuch one word?

Another possibility is that the phrase appeared so often in certain ritualistic documents (such as deeds of conveyance) that scriveners came to think of insofar as single entity and so began to render is as a single fused word instead of as three separate words.

What word class is inasmuch?

conjunction. in view of the fact that; seeing that; since.

What type of conjunction is nor?

coordinating conjunctions

Is as much as a conjunction?

Conjunction. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see as,‎ much. Take as much as you like. He likes caramel as much as he likes fudge.

How do you use as many in a sentence?

In this case, much is used since fuel is a non-count noun. I would also agree with the sentence: He drinks as many as 3 bottles of milk a day….As much vs. as many as.

(a) He drinks as many as three bottles of milk a day. (e) The pizza company delivers as many as two hundred pizzas per night.

Can you start a sentence with as much as?

Starting the sentence with “As much as” is fully acceptable.

What is as much as in math?

“As much as” means that quantities are being compared – “much” is an adjective referring to quantity. So “60% as much as” means “for every hundred units of quantity in \$30, the answer has sixty such units.” So we could solve this as. “\$30 is thirty times a hundred cents, so the answer is thirty times sixty cents”

What is in as much as?

conjunction (subordinating) 1. in view of the fact that; seeing that; since. 2. to the extent or degree that; in so far as.

What does in so far as mean?

: to the extent or degree that we agree only insofar as the budget is concerned.

What is a good paragraph starter?

Paragraph Starters for Informational Essays

This essay will explore/examine/discuss….

In this essay, I will analyze….

Experts agree that….

There are many ways to….

Have you ever….

Would you believe that….

It’s an accepted fact that….

It’s may be difficult to believe that….

How many words are in a VSS?

The occasional Very Short Sentence (VSS)—or sentence fragment—of three-to-five words can punch up a series of longer flowing sentences and make the reader sit up and take notice. Allowing students to use sentence fragments in writing is controversial among teachers.

What is VSS in writing?

A VSS is a very short sentence like “They stood,” but it should also “pack a punch.” If you start a paragraph or essay with “Killer bees invaded,” it certainly draws in the reader.