How Do You Beat Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts?

Just jump and strike. This technique can be a little risky at some points, so have your potions ready. If you’re using magic, fire does more damage than blizzard. After the Heartless starts using fireballs, attacking it from the floor is the best option.

How do you get the chest in Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts?

Head to the Bizarre Room and shrink then glide to the flower pot, examine it to get 2 Potions and a Mythril Shard. Next head into the small fireplace and use the Green Trinity there to get a chest which contains a Mythril Shard.

How do you beat the boss in Wonderland?

If so it’s long enough to reach is bottom with a jump attack from the floor. Just keep jumping up and spamming your melee attacks, the more you hammer him the more likely it will be that he falls over stunned. Take that chance to deal every bit of damage you can.

How do you give a potion a flower in Kingdom Hearts?

The first yellow flower you see at the entrance to the Lotus Forest makes you bigger. The others give you junk in plain english…but you go to your items menu on the bottom left of the screen, click potion, and option ‘FLOWER’ should be the last choice on the list!

Where do I go after wonderland Kingdom Hearts?

After locking Wonderland and Deep Jungle (Olympus Coliseum isn’t necessary), go back to Traverse Town before moving on to the next world. Start off by going to the alleyway in the second district.

Where is Alice kh1?

Alice is not there. You do have to go to the bizarre room though. You’ll need to fight the Trickmaster, which is the last battle before you are finished with Wonderland.

How do you get the chest in tea party garden?

In the Tea Party Garden you can acquire the chest on the house balcony on your first play through before going off to the second round of worlds. All you need to do is enter the Bizarre Room via the entrance upon the hedge which you need to jump to from where the nut is that makes you grow bigger in the Lotus Forest.

How do you wake up the door in Wonderland Kingdom Hearts?

Follow the White Rabbit. No, really. Follow him to the door, and talk to the door, which naturally won’t let Sora and company through. Instead, push the bed out of the way, and then drink the whatever-it-is on the table to shrink down.

How do I get to Gummi ship in Wonderland?

You have a few options:

Go to the Gummi Ship from the save point at the Rabbit Hole or the Queen’s Castle, fly back to Traverse Town, buy them. Shadows and Soldiers have a small chance of dropping Potions on defeat. A few Trinity Marks in the area drop them.

How long is the first Kingdom Hearts?

All Styles

Single-Player Polled Average Main Story 307 28h 38m Main + Extras 263 42h 41m Completionists 101 64h 12m All PlayStyles 671 39h 30m

Where is the White Trinity in deep jungle?

White Trinity: Traverse Town, second district in the secret waterway. Wonderland, in the upside down room inside a portrait. Coliseum, in front of the gates. Deep Jungle, in the waterfall cavern.

Where is the hidden room in the Cave of Wonders?

The Hidden Room is a small room full of water. There is a large pillar standing in the center of the room, and there are two levels. The upper level is reached through the upper door in the Silent Chamber, while the water-filled part of the room is reached through the lower door.

What level does Sora learn scan?

level 9

Can you dodge in Kingdom Hearts 1?

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. Sora has Dodge Roll as a default ability.

How many hours does it take to beat Kingdom Hearts?

50 hours