How Do I Get My iPod Out of Disk Mode?

First, connect the iPod to the PC and quit iTunes if it opens. Then right-click Computer from the Start menu. Choose “Properties” to go to the Device Manager. You should be able to locate the iPod under the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” section.

How do I unfreeze my iPod classic?

Click the “Import Pictures and Videos Using Windows” option in the AutoPlay window that appears. If an AutoPlay window doesn’t appear, click the “Start” button, click “Computer,” right-click your iPod touch in the Computer window and select “Import Pictures and Videos.”

How do I restore my iPod classic without iTunes?

Hold down the select button and the top menu button at the same time. Wait for the iPod to restart and then switch from the menu button to the left rewind button. It will reboot in diagnostic mode. Select MENU for Manual Test, then select IO > HardDrive > HDSMARTData.

How do I fix my iPod classic?

Hello iceylover. Disk Use means, that for certain models for iPods, it can be used like an external hard drive to copy files to within Finder.