How Do I Get a Massage Referral?

Getting a Referral from Your Doctor. Schedule an appointment with your doctor. You should discuss your injury or condition with your doctor, who will then provide a referral for a massage therapist. Many insurance companies will not cover the cost of massage therapy without a referral from your doctor.

How do you get a medical massage covered by insurance?

Before you do anything else, reach out to your HR department or your medical insurance carrier and ask if massage therapy is considered a covered treatment. In some situations, an insurance policy won’t cover massages, even if you get a prescription from a doctor.

Can you get massages on NHS?

While the NHS accepts that massage, aromatherapy, meditation, reflexology and meditation can benefit patients, these therapies lack proper regulation. … If your practice is in favour of complementary medicine there are a number of ways you can get alternative treatment on the NHS.

Can you get prescribed massages?

Massage therapy can be prescribed by your doctor. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, consult your physician to see if massage could be a treatment option: Stress-related insomnia.