How Can I Charge My Juul Without a Charger?

7-11 has $5.99 chargers – juul.

Does Walmart sell Juul Chargers?

Walmart, for example, sells the basic device, with no pods and only a charger, for $41, which is a slight markup from the $35 price tag on the Juul website. The Juul starter kit, which comes with five flavor pods, sells for $50 online.

How do you hit a Juul pod without the Juul?

According to the Juul website, one pod is designed to last for roughly 200 puffs. This may differ from person to person depending on the way they vape. The charge on a Juul is supposed to last for around a day, or for as long as one pod does.

Why is Juul so popular?

The top reasons for using JUUL or e-cigarettes relate to its popularity with other young people, the variety of flavors, its perception as less harmful than other products and its ability to deliver a “buzz,” according to the more than 600 youth and young adults surveyed during summer 2018 who reported ever using JUUL …

Can you buy Juul Chargers?

Our range of JUUL chargers includes replacement USB chargers, longer charging cables and even portable charging docks. Our selection includes: JUUL USB Charger: a replacement magnetic charger for your JUUL. Simply plug the device into your USB port and connect your JUUL.