How Can I Charge My iPod Shuffle Without the Charger?

Charge Your iPod Shuffle Without a Charging Cable Depending on the generation, iPod Shuffles can be charged by plugging into a USB-to-AC outlet converter to connect your iPod Shuffle to a wall outlet or to any USB outlet by plugging the USB connector into any available USB compatible port.

Can you charge an iPod shuffle with a wall charger?

Can you charge an iPod Shuffle with a wall charger? … Yes, but it likely won’t charge any faster than plugging it into a regular USB2 port on a computer. A USB2 port normally provides up to 0.5 A (2.5 W) of power. Apple wall chargers supply 1.0 A (the little iPhone wall supply) up to 2.4 A (some iPad models).

How can you tell if an iPod shuffle is charging?

The status light on the iPod Shuffle turns solid orange when the battery is charging. The status light turns solid green when the battery is fully charged. If the iPod is not charging, restarting your computer resets USB ports.

Can you charge an iPod shuffle with an AUX cord?

Charging with a USB Auxiliary Input Connect the USB plug on a USB-to-iPod-dock cable to the auxiliary input’s USB port. Insert the cable’s dock connector into the port on the bottom of the iPod. … If you are using a port that is built into a car, turning the car’s power on is usually adequate to charge an iPod.