Does Jiffy Lube Change Differential Fluid?

Jiffy Lube® drains the used fluid and replaces it with differential fluid that meets or exceeds your manufacturer’s specifications.

How much does it cost to change front and rear differential fluid?

The cost of replacing your differential fluid will be more expensive than changing your engine oil. When changing the front differential fluid, it will cost you anywhere from $70 to $130. This includes the estimated labor costs of around $40 to $60 and the estimated parts costs which are from $30 to $70.

When should front and rear differential fluid be changed?

Your front differential fluid needs to be changed around every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. Again, check the owner’s manual to confirm the exact mileage amount. After the differential fluid is drained, it will be changed right along with the manual transaxle.

How much does Valvoline charge for differential fluid change?

You’ll only pay somewhere between $80 and $140 for differential fluid change. The labor should be between $50 and $70, while parts can cost anywhere from $30 to $70.

How long does it take to change a rear differential?

How much work the mechanic has to do to repair the differential depends on what damage has been done already. In some cases, it is just a fluid change, which can take as little as 30 minutes. Other times, entire pieces of the differential will need to be replaced, which can take hours.

How do you check differential fluid?

Check Fluid Level. Fluid should be at or just below the bottom of the Fill Plug hole. Fluid should not be black or gritty. If fluid is low, check for leaks.

What does a bad rear differential sound like?

Overly worn out bearings tend to make a howling noise when they do not properly support the gears. Rumbling while turning, on the other hand, is a sign of bad wheel bearings. … This rear differential noise is described as a heavy clicking type of sound which occurs every eight feet or so.