Can I Trust Discogs?

There is a feedback section of discogs where you can get a feel for the sellers legitimacy. PayPal is added protection. I’ve only bought from a couple of people, but every transaction so far has been great. You’ll generally find better prices on Discogs than on eBay (at least in my experience).

Is discogs better than eBay?

eBay is higher than Discogs but not by much. I think 2%. However, I believe Discogs doesn’t take a % of the postage costs like eBay does (might be wrong there) so that’s a point to Discogs with respect to fees. eBay does have other charges if you want to use them but they are not mandatory.

Does discogs have buyer protection?

You asked if Discogs has a buyer protection “policy” – yes, they have plenty of policies describing how sellers should behave. According to the Discogs Payments policies, Discogs can force a refund if a dispute can’t be sorted out between the two parties.

What is discogs fee?

It’s free to list your items for sale. When you sell your items, we charge you an 8% fee with a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $150. Examples: $1 item = $0.10 (minimum fee) $100 item = $8.00 (8% fee)

How do you get paid on discogs?

The Discogs sales fees can be paid using the following payment methods:

Credit or Debit Card. PayPal (PayPal eChecks may take 7-10 business days to be processed). Money Order or Cashiers Check (Sent via mail to the address printed on your invoice).

Whats the catch with venmo?

No fee for online purchases. There’s a fee for sending money to people using your credit card. No fee to send money to people using your Venmo balance, debit card, or bank account….A deeper look at all Venmo account fees.

FEES Returned Payment Up to $29.00

How does Zelle get paid?

Zelle does not make any money right now. Instead, its participating banks generate revenue whenever a user pays a business in exchange for goods and services.