Can I Skip a Tray With Invisalign?

Award-winning Orthodontist in Suwanee Answers: Is It OK to Skip or Advance Invisalign Trays? [Atlanta, Johns Creek, Ga] A quick answer to this question is no. This simply means that the fit of the aligner will be compromised even though the aligner may not feel any different on the teeth.

How much does it cost to replace Invisalign trays?

Fabricating your Invisalign trays is done at a separate facility; this is not completed by your dentist’s office. Fabrication accounts for about $1000 of the cost. The remaining charges are for your actual trays. Keep in mind that if you lose a tray, it costs about $50 to replace each tray.

Can I switch my Invisalign trays early?

Some people notice that their trays are consistently becoming loose after 7-10 days. In some of these cases, it’s ok to change them out earlier. However, you should not do this without approval and supervision by your personal dentist or orthodontist.