Can Draw Length Be Adjusted?

Adjustable cams allow the archer to adjust his or her draw length with the use of an hexagonal wrench without, in most cases, pressing the compound bow. Adjustable compound bow cams allow archers to adjust anywhere from 3 inches up to 13 inches depending on the compound bow.

How long should my draw length be?

To measure your draw length, stand with your back to a wall stretching your arms out against the wall. Measure the distance from the end of your middle finger to the end of your other middle finger, basically the length of both arms, hands and chest. This measurement, minus 15 then divided by 2, is your draw length.

Does changing draw length affect sights?

Registered. Shortening the draw length will cause the peep to be higher, which will cause you to tilt your Bow upward to align peep with sight housing. This will make you hit higher. The Bow will be a little slower but you still may have to move the peep down or sight up.

How much longer should your arrows be than your draw length?

Even an arrow that is just long enough is too short. The best safety practice is to make sure your arrows sit at least 1″ beyond your arrow rest when the bow is at full draw. A little bit of extra arrow length gives the arrows an important margin of safety. A little too long is okay.

Does draw length matter?

The longer your draw length, the longer your bow’s powerstroke will be – and the faster your bow will shoot. As a general rule, 1″ of draw length is worth about 10 fps of arrow velocity.

How important is draw length?

Draw length is important no matter what kind of bow you shoot. It determines the length and size of your arrows and the size of your bow. Also, it is especially important for compound shooters because compound bows have set draw lengths.

What size arrows for a 30 inch draw?

How to: Select the perfect arrow

Bow Arrow length Draw weight lb. 25″ 30″ 15-20 700 600 20-25 700 500 25-30 700 500

How long should arrows be for 27 inch draw?

weight is suspended from the center of the arrow. The arrow must be 29″ in length and supported by two points, which are 28″ apart. The number of inches the arrow deflects or bends due to the weight, is the spine size or measurement of an arrow.

How long should an arrow be for a 28-inch draw?

around 27 inches

How heavy should an arrow be?

For reference, light arrows weigh about 350 grains, a typical arrow weighs 420 to 500 grains, and a heavy arrow weighs over 600 grains. Bentcik said few Americans use arrows weighing 700 grains or more unless they’re shooting traditional equipment.

Does arrow length affect accuracy?

If you’re consistent on draw length, arrow length matters little except for precision shooting. But, arrow length affects dynamic spine, so if your arrows are the same spine, but different lengths then they aren’t actually the same spine. As long as they’re all the same, not really.

Is my draw length too short?

If the draw length is too short, you will feel “bunched up” or uncomfortable because you are too compressed. In addition, the elbow will have a fairly big bend in it in order for you to get the string to your face. Often, I am asked whether the elbow should be bent or straight.

Does draw length affect draw weight?

Draw length does not affect draw weight.

What draw weight should my bow be?

Build, Bodyweight and Suggested Bow Draw Weights

Type of Person/Build Weight (lbs) Compound Suggested Draw Weight (lbs) Large/Strong Child 100-130 25-35 Small/Slight Woman 100-130 25-35 Average Woman 130-160 30-40 Large/Strong Woman 160+ 45-55

What is the best draw weight for deer hunting?

40 pounds