Are Gentle Leaders Safe for Dogs?

I do understand some owners don’t like them because many dogs need an adjustment period: they will fuss and paw at it until they get used to it. But remember, the Gentle Leader does not hurt or harm them.

What is the easiest way to get a gentle leader on a hesitant dog?

Simply distract the dog, perhaps even walking briskly forward and encouraging the dog to follow, then give him treats for obeying. Key to successful training with a Gentle Leader (â„¢) is to use positive, reward-based training methods and only to use gentle pressure on the lead.

How long can you leave a gentle leader on a dog?

18 hours perWe recommend that the Gentle Leader® not be left on any longer than 18 hours per day.

What is a gentle leader for dogs?

The Gentle Leader Headcollar is an easy to fit training tool for teaching your dog better leash manners. When your dog pulls, the Gentle Leader Headcollar gently moves his head and body back towards you.